May 27, 2008

Spring Extended

Back of my studio

The weather has swung back to spring and I have been unable to resist working in the yard, pruning, transplanting, weeding. It's been cool and overcast with a few sprinkles ... bringing relief after a taste of what the Fresno summer heat will bring soon enough. 

We are now enjoying eating out of the garden. The snap peas have already expired but we are enjoying green peppers, squash, green beans, cukes and just recently our first tomato. I have never grown artichokes before and I am torn between eating them or letting them flower. I have to decide soon.

Here are my recent purchases from the FCSS Sale. I will be making a few pots to put them in this week. I chose them primarily for their nice color variations of greens and magenta, but the pattern on the middle one (Echinocereus rigidissimus v. rubispinus) is really wild, which accounts for it's popularity as I was informed by a few less enthusiastic  growers who prize rarity over ones grown in larger numbers to meet demand. We also have here a little fuzz and prickle. Cactus and succulents offer so much variety, I never tire of looking at them, and the bonus is ... they are low maintenance!