June 7, 2008

How Time Flys

Hi Everyone! Time is flying by and I can't believe it is almost two weeks since my last post. When I started this blog I intended to post at least once a week. I've been busy in the studio and that accounts for the lapse. Here are some pictures of recent work just out. I was happy with the more simplified designs, and I continue to work with more colors. I used a purple stain which had previously turned out quite nice, but this time floated to a purplish brown. It maybe and an interesting shade of brown, but not what I was going for. My open studio is in two weeks and I will have mugs and bowls with this new brown color as well as some stunning others. I did take more photos but they turned out pretty dark (another topic for another day) so new lighting goes on the studio list to research and purchases so I can better illustrate what you'll see here. 

You can see a hint of purple on this bowl which came the closest to what I wanted.
Not a great photo, but the best of the bunch.

There is work on the shelves to get ready for another bisque firing so I will be back soon. Have a good week.