September 22, 2008

Clay Mix and More!

Clay Mix has been open for awhile now with several class sessions and a successful well attended workshop behind them. Over the weekend I learned they will soon be starting another round of classes beginning September 30th, so I wanted to give them a plug and remind everyone who may be interested in taking clay classes, (since some of you have asked me in the past), here is your notice. If you haven't been down to see their facility I'm posting a few pictures to inspire you to go. The studio space is  clean with quality new equipment. You will receive top notch instruction in small classes on wheel throwing with Craig Easter or hand-building with David Hicks. All the details are Here.

But wait there is more.

The Gallery has already brought to Fresno accomplished clay artists showing here for the first time. Currently on exhibit is New Mexico raku artist Jim Romberg. His work with varied firing and glazing techniques can be seen through October.  You can see the show at the upcoming October 2nd  Art Hop. However, you don't have to wait until Art Hop to see the show. If you want to buy pottery there is also the work of other selected artists available. My girlfriend, who always prefers to give handmade gifts, was recently pleased to find a Craig Easter bowl for a wedding gift. Clay Mix is open Monday through Saturday, located at 1003 Abby which is just south of Olive. Hours

If you work in clay or want to, a good selection of tools and clays are available. Clay Mix also offers studio space for rent to artists and students. 

In other news ...
So Cal Potters is a blog started by Chris McCormick with the intent to create a more cohesive ceramic community in Southern California. He shares information  from the clay world and  does interviews with a variety of clay artists.  

And in case your wondering what's been taking shape in my studio:

These have come together from some of the forms you have seen previously posted the last couple of weeks. I've been endlessly entertained playing with these forms and rearranging them. That's my color coordinated BFFD, Molly on the left!