September 2, 2008

Taking Shape

Last week after returning home  from a disappointing  Palo Alto show, I jumped back into sculpture making. The week whizzed by and I found I was  easily able to ignore the heat and enjoy exploring some new forms. I just love the making stage, allowing shapes to evolve as one form starts to suggest another, then another, and still another. Actually, if you can manage to keep interruptions at a minimum, have lots of plastic cover easily within reach (so you don't have to walk too far away and forget what you went looking for, then need a drink of water ...) the summer heat, can make for quick production. 

Now on to glazing ... Ick. Hopefully there will be some rewards in taking some previously test tiled glazes another step further.
I'm off to the Bay Area the end of the week. This time for fun! Have a good week!