October 27, 2008

Spooky Times

Some collected skeletons making an appearance on my mantel.

Halloween is almost here, and for sure, it does seem a bit spooky out there. You never seem to know what headlines you are going to wake up to. I have just returned from the Danville Fall Festival and although artists around me reported an expected slower show, the spirit of this Fall Festival  was up beat and fairly well attended. I saw lots of little skeletons and princesses walking Danvillle's quaint tree lined main street. ( I regret leaving my camera in my van) I was so impressed at how the community of merchants participates in this event displaying signs in their decorated windows welcoming tricksters and promoting a safe Halloween event. I arrived in Danville early enough on Friday to walk the street and visit  the small, lovely and friendly independent shops. There was a breeze just light enough to sprinkle colorful leaves to the ground, as if planned just for this event. As we all try to weather these scary times, it is apparent to me, the importance  a supportive community plays to the well being of everyone. My sales were ok. Not great, not horrible. It was being  in the company of fellow artists, supportive show staff, and gracious customers, that made it worth the great effort it takes to pack up boxes of work and haul a display hours away to go to a community show that knows how to do it right.