November 2, 2008

Plant Bust

I've been looking at this piece for several days now. Apparently I did not put a small hole in the pad to let trapped air escape. The others all had a tiny pin hole. I must have just forgot, likely distracted by all the news of late. I let it dry forever (weeks) and I fired the kiln extremely slow, since there was high temp wire armatures inside to help support the pads. From here I am not sure what to do. I may try making a paper clay mixture to try a repair. It looks tricky though. I will have to research this. In real life plants do cast off pads much like this to propagate. We often find huge parts of plants broken off. Self pruning when they start reaching too far out. This case of art imitating life, amuses me more now than it did a few days ago. In any case, I guess I've been working in  clay long enough to accept sometimes you get a bad break!  I had already critiqued this sculpture to pieces, mainly thinking it looked too bust like! (true) Maybe I should leave it as it is and make little rooted pads to put beside it.  My sculptural misfortune  is entirely responsible for this silly post. All puns intended. A little levity to ease the nerves as  Vote Day approaches! I've already voted. Pleeeeease,  let it be over!!!!