February 16, 2009

Art Hop March 5th

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite Fresno haunts. It also happens to be the location I will be at for the upcoming March 5th Art Hop. If you are not familiar with Fulton's Folly and like old things, you are in for a pleasant surprise. I have long enjoyed browsing in this antique-collectable mall. I always find something I want. In particular I love the booths with vintage garden things, and have purchased some of the props  you have seen me use in my booth displays. I've been a a fan of flea markets and thrift stores since college days and if you are a potter, most likely you also hunt for tools, forms, aprons, rags and inspiration in such places. Fulton's Folly has about 60 booths and the individual keepers of each space are friendly and do a great job in arrangement and display. It is one of the best I've been to. I find it very inspiring. I love unique items and how they spark my imagination in so many ways. Interesting  for their shapes, wondering about it's previous lives, what was it used for or how I can repurpose something. I hope you will come see me at Art Hop. I will  have many new items. It is a fun stop and visiting  the only night they are open makes it more special. I love the spirit of this place, not to mention the wonderful goodies they set out to welcome art hop visitors. 

I seem to have a thing for wire lately and wouldn't that little step stool be great in a display.

I want this!

Beautiful color plates inside

More wire and old tools ... I love it all.