March 7, 2009

Down at Fulton's Folly

Here is a look at how the booth came together down at Fulton's Folly. It was a fun challenge putting it together, rounding up the old tables and props to fit in with the character of this antique collective. I owe many thanks to my neighbor who graciously offered to let me poke around his old tool shed and property to see what I could use. He made it all come together in one afternoon along with a  thrift store run and visit to a friends to borrow the old pine table. I did see both familiar and new faces and I want to thank those who dropped in to say hi. Everyone at the collective were so accommodating  and made me feel so welcome. Now with a little change in my pocket it is time to invest in some new kiln furniture to replace  some pretty sad shaped shelves and chipped posts.  I will be adding  new pieces  later in the week and I hope to give you a peek here of what things will be available during my stay there through the 29th of March. 

Fulton's Folly is open everyday 
except Wednesdays — 10:30 to 5:30. 
I hope you can drop in, there is lots to see!