April 9, 2009

Some Amazing Sights

Leafy sea dragon (picture from MBA website)

I recently returned from  a visit to the Monterey area with my family. In a short three days we saw some amazing things. You are guaranteed some awesome sights when you  visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
I had not been in many years, just before the jellyfish tanks arrived. This trip our visit fell on opening day of the seahorse exhibit. With it being  Easter vacation and a rainy day, it was very crowded but we were able to wiggle our way up to the glass. What can I say ... nature is totally amazing!!

my photo taken through the glass ... so unreal!

We did not see too many monarchs at the sanctuary but we came upon this house close by.
Click on the picture to see the details.

The Carmel Mission was the most beautiful I have ever seen it.
(click  picture to see it larger)