May 17, 2009

More Of These

Another cycle of claywork has  begun.  It all starts with the making which will go on for the next week or so to have new things for my home studio sale (June 6th). I recently pulled out some little square molds but only got one completed in time for the spring show. It sold immediately. Maybe because it was the only one or the fact that it was square, or void of my usual green glaze. It did look so white and fresh sitting there by itself. It was a porcelain clay, stained and finished with only a clear glaze. At any rate, for those of you who never had a chance to see it, here is a few more just completed yesterday and by the end of today there will be a dozen or so to choose from on Saturday June 6th. They are small (about 4" - 5") and provide a good warm up exercise to get some ideas flowing for this weeks  work.