May 11, 2009

Salad Table Update

With the past two weekend shows behind us, we have a little break to pause and spend  time in the yard and garden today. Here is what the salad table is looking like 42 days after planting.  We've had several salads already and I love the convenience of it when preparing for shows has my mind on details other than organized shopping and meals.  Even quick sandwiches packed with our fresh pickings makes me feel it has been so worth it.  We purchased a new watering wand as it is requiring almost daily soaking and depending on the warmth of the day and  winds,  sometimes twice a day.  There is not enough soil to hold adequate water for long.  I guess it is time to get new seedlings started but I know it may be a bit tougher to maintain as Fresno heats up.  I need to talk to the experts at the market for recommendations for the best seeds to try going into the heat of summer.

We can always count on our tried and true  (usually)  tomatoes, cukes, squash, eggplant and peppers!

First tomato set

first zucchini

pepper with ladybug larva

japanese eggplant  (looking a bit better after a hard start)