August 20, 2009

Palo Alto Here I Come ... Again

The Palo Alto Festival of the Arts is this weekend, August 22 & 23.  I'll be there, I hope you will be too.
You can find me in Booth 110 on University  just up from High Street.  Since I won't be setting up  until Saturday morning,  Friday I plan on visiting  the  Cantor Art Çenter and then head over to the New Guinea totem garden, both  on the Stanford Campus. I discovered the totems a few years back doing the show when a customer  told me about them. My friends and I raced on foot around the campus to find them and got there just before dark, which I think may be the best time to go. You can follow this link for more information on them (and find more links from there). I suggest visiting at dusk for a fun, magical experience. 

Have a great summer weekend.