October 11, 2009

Silent Auction

Just out of the kiln and delivered today, this fall-inspired  porcelain box has begun it's journey to a new home.
Next weekend it will sit proudly on the silent auction table at the Eighth Annual Renaissance Banquet, a
fundraising event for Fresno Wildlife Rehabilitation Service.  Under the direction of Cathy Garner the mission of the FWRS is to rehabilitate and return native wildlife to natural habitat and provide wildlife education. I have the utmost respect for Cathy and her staff of volunteers who work  tirelessly in every aspect of the rescue and rehabilitation process. 

One of the many events where you can see Cathy at work is when FWRS releases  young rescued owls back into the wild after having been cared for until  old enough to go out on their own.  The public is invited and even allowed with  guidance to participate in the actual release. It is  an emotionally uplifting experience.  I highly recommend it! 

I urge you to visit their website and read more about the animals they care for and the educational services
they provide to schools, clubs and private companies. 
Volunteers are always needed. It may be too late to attend the Banquet on October 17th, but cash donations and certain materials and services are always deeply appreciated.