November 5, 2009

Come to Art Hop For A Cup ... Or Two !

The Intimate Cups show is now arranged and ready to welcome your touch  to  become familiar with the styles of six  different clay makers: 

Christa Assad
Marian Baker
Scott Jennings
Ellen Shankin
Karin Solberg
and me!

The reception is tonight November 5th  from 5 pm to 8pm.  Scott Jennings and I will be there so I hope you will drop in and say hi. The cups are all for sale and will be on display until December 19th.  Going into the holiday season this is a timely show for showcasing  a thoughtful gift idea — a handmade cup.  Besides  the featured artists,  there is also other clay work available.  And more cups!  

Front to back. Scott Jennings, Christa Assad, Ellen Shankin

Ellen Shankin's  cup. Ellen is from Floyd Virginia

I'm off to get ready for Art Hop.