April 8, 2010

Tax Break

A break from doing taxes that is. I can barely hang in there to get through them. I am a recovering tax extension addict. I have catching up to do and it is not pleasant. I will soon meet with my guy. Head down, folders in hand.
No gold star for me. He awards stars to special clients. I found out last year when I saw a woman proudly accepting her award. I never knew. But how would I have known – you earn them by being prompt and well organized. I thought this year I'm going to receive a star! Well ... that's not going to happen. Not this year anyway. But I am racing against time to avoid the extension form. This is my year! Recovery is in sight. I may make it. Unable to sit for long at this accounting thing. I find myself out in the studio. Nervously forming small amounts of clay into whatever wants to happen. It is my way of being. It comforts me, and it's just too early for a glass of wine.