July 6, 2010

With Some Help From My Friends ...

My assistants, Molly and Scrappy, helping me with my booth set up!

I'm getting ready for the ACGA Clay & Glass Festival this weekend in Palo Alto. I usually spend at least a day or two working out my booth. This is the part most customers don't know about–the time spent getting ready. Pulling parts out of storage and arranging stands and tables to best show what you have. Considerably more parts are pulled out than used and then need to be put back. Yesterday was so windy here it was close to impossible to work outside so I'll continue today before it gets too hot. A shelf or two needs some paint, round up table covers and I should be good to go. Inside the studio, two kilns are cooling and a I have a small glaze load to finish and fire in order to have out in time to pack and load up by Friday morning. All in a weeks work!

Check out the ACGA website for more information on the show and see examples of the work by particpating artists in the festival. You can find me at Booth #53!

The bisque firing is cooling now.
I'll be glazing these late into the night.

Drop by booth #53 and see what's new.
Have a great weekend everyone!