August 20, 2010

Coming Along

Here is some new work just out of the kiln. The last week has been a bit bumpy hitting some snags with equipment acting up. An old compressor was recently replaced along with a spray gun to replace the one that was dropped on the concrete. I must say dropping the gun turned out to be a blessing in disguise since my new Harbor Freight detail sprayer is so much easier to use. New gun, new compressor ... good to go? not so. As far as I can figure the hoses, possibly decades old, seemed to be clogging up the whole system - over and over and over with tiny bits of rotting rubber. Nothing another trip to Harbor Freight (across town) couldn't cure with a properly placed air filter and a new hose. Of course it is August triple digits in Fresno, (my least favorite month) and work is backing up as my attempt to avoid the dread of a last minute firing schedule is looking less likely - oh,
and on the kiln front, my firings seem to be taking longer and longer, perhaps new elements in my future?

The good news is I will have lots of work for the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts next week.
I must get back to glazing but hope to post new pictures soon!

More to go!