December 4, 2010

Welcome To My Studio!

Saturday - Sunday
December 11th - 12th
at my home studio
3490 W Dudley • Fresno
10 am to 5 pm

it is fun to imagine my studio in a snowy Christmas setting. Both my parents, now gone, grew up on ranches here in California. My mom on the west side of Fresno, not far from my studio, and my dad in Mariposa (where it does snow). i think that sense of heritage rooted in my genes is why i still live where I do. As the old wood barns give way to time and rusting cars become part of the landscape, I see and feel a sense of time, place and belonging in a part of town often neglected. I live on two and one-half acres where cotton once grew. My studio, once a tiny tractor garage, will welcome you with holiday offerings to purchase, in ceramics and gemstone jewelry, hand crafted by "vintage" makers! (at least two of us ... Fletcher and I have both been at it for over thirty years!) We hope you will venture out for a hot drink and share some holiday cheer ... and no traffic!

Joining me at the old homestead:

Karen Conley
Larry Homan
guest this year ...
Fletcher Niehaus