July 1, 2011

Fire Up !

With a week out from the Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival, the making of work was completed last night with these hand built blooms to top off some new vases. Time is running tight to get them dried, fired, and glazed fired by next Friday morning. In the meantime it looks like I will be cranking up a kiln almost daily to get the rest of the work through. I have two kilns but can only fire one at a time. I call this sauna week. Especially here in Fresno with another string of triple digit days ahead. Now I have to do some calculating to schedule the firing and cooling times of two bisque loads and two glaze firings.

Have a good 4th everyone.
Be safe!

very old firecracker labels
hand painted with gold foil
circa 1890's
(click on the label to see larger)