August 21, 2011

Gentry Magazine

Gentry Magazine is a high-quality on line magazine targeting the markets of San Francisco, the peninsula, and the silicon valley. The Palo Alto Festival of the Arts is advertised in the recent issue with some stunning examples of the work you'll find there. I am pleased to have one of my pieces selected - page 45 . So grab your new ipad, iphone, (I wish!) imac, or whatever platform you are comfortable with and check it out. This media company has a family of online magazines that I have just begun to view and can't wait to explore some more. It seems every day I hear of a new publication on line. I'm afraid it's the future- ready or not, and I am not. Maybe I will be when I can read an ipad sitting in my garden with no reflection. Apple are you listening? Are you there yet and I don't know about it. I'll be stopping by the Apple store when I am on University Ave next week. And while I am on University, another must visit is Cafe Venetia for my northern Italian coffee experience. I hope to see you there.