January 6, 2012

A New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! I've been enjoying a little slower pace, getting outdoors,
a coastal get away, some galleries, and reflecting on the past and new year. Time seems to move more quickly with each new year, just like my mom use to say. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with all I want to accomplish – all at the same time! That's when I most need a walk in the park. I really do love some down time to catch up with cleaning, organizing, and getting around the world via the internet. (comfortable traveling) Our old power pc Mac died with a power outage in the midst of holiday sales. We finally got the boot , :-) , we needed to head to the mall Apple store and slide the card. It was fun to be in the company of all the genuises . I now can get around the web soooooo much faster.  Love it. Lion operating system (skipped leopard) and  lack of familiar software is going to require some extra time getting up to speed. A website redo overdue. I never lack for projects! And the studio is calling. Clean, a bit chilly yet, lonely for some activity – soon.

I'll keep you all posted. 
 Welcome 2012