August 13, 2012

Last Show

So did the title get your attention? Not to panic. My last out of town show for the year is this one - The Palo Alto Festival of the Arts on August 25th and 26th. You can find me at booth #105, between High St. and Emerson 10am - 6pm. The hot weather here has made it challenging making work, but being from Fresno it's nothing new to have triple digits this time of year. Equipment breakdowns have added some frustration when trying to beat the heat. Never the less, I am getting things done waiting and watching the weather channel for double digits to return so I can fire up the kiln, (notice kiln is singular) It's not only the  the infinite variables that come with working in clay, the weather is as much a consideration when deadlines are approaching. Scheduling work through the summer takes some planning, allowing for dry time  (not too fast, away from fans), firing (kilns are big heaters in the studio), cooling (even slower),  the summer electrical grid and my tolerance to heat  before my mind goes into an error zone. No vacations to blog about here, not yet anyway. For now I must live vicariously through others having summer fun cooling off at beaches and in the mountains. I hope everyone else is having a cool time in this HOT August heat wave!