July 6, 2013

Clay & Glass in Healdsburg and Palo Alto

I can't wait to take a road trip up to Healdsburg to see this show and visit the town. I love northern
California and since it's been a few years since I've been up that way it's time. If you are in the area
drop by and see my work along with some other great artists.  I'm getting ready for the Palo Alto show next weekend so I won't make the reception, tonight July 6th. I hope you can be there. Cheers everyone!

I will be in Palo Alto participating in  the ACGA Festival and you can find me in space #53. This is a great show to see some of the best clay and glass all in one place at the  Palo Alto Art Center.  Come see the work I've completed for this show over the last couple of weeks, heat wave and all!
Eight days so far triple digit ... hmmm a lot of cool colors going on.  See you there.

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